About IBDclinic.mindovergut.com

What is IBDclinic.mindovergut.com?

IBDclinic.mindovergut.com (formally IBDclinic.org.au) is an internet-based free service for individuals with IBD. IBDclinic has been visited by over 11,000 individuals.

IBDclinic.mindovergut.com comprises 2 main areas:

  • comprehensive and accurate expert-reviewed source of information relating to IBD
  • An evidence-based psychologically-focused resilience program for individuals diagnosed with IBD

Your use of this service and feedback is valuable. Your participation in the assessment and treatment programs will also help shape this service to better support individuals with IBD.

If you would like to volunteer to participate in other ongoing IBD-based research activities, please click on “Participate in Research”.

I wish you every success and hope you will find the information and resilience programs helpful.

I wish to thank the Broad Medical Research Program of The Broad Foundation based in the United States of America for their patience and support and funding for the original IBDclinic hosted at Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne Australia.

Dr Simon Knowles

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